Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fashion week- is it real fashion?

 Lately I have been reading articles about the latest fashion week clothes trends, and when I looked at the different outfits from the different designers and I thought to my self, Is that really fashion? Isn't fashion suppose to be for the modern woman, an outfit that any woman can wear to work,school, or just around the house? When you look at these outfits and trends from fashion week, ask your self, would I wear that? My answer was no, I, or any person, could wear that out and not feel like an idiot. I mean high collars that hide your entire face? Would YOU wear that? I know I wouldn't. And what about the colorful fur outfits that are suppose to be one of the "latest fall fashion trends". I would expect a 5 yr old to wear something like that not a grown woman, or fur at all. If I saw a grown woman wearing some of the outfits like what was at fashion week, I would think " obviously that woman is trying too hard to be (fashion forward)" I can't believe some of the so called fall fashion trends. Do the designers that come up with these trends really think that a regular person would wear that?

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